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Small doses, natural substances, lasting cure.

Are you tired of the current cattle call mentality of the health care system? Are you confused or scared by the drugs that are prescribed at almost every visit? Do you still struggle with the symptoms you went in complaining of, or have new symptoms come up? Have you wondered if there is a better way out there that wouldn’t cost so much, be so risky, or feel so impersonal?

Health care in America is uninviting.

It doesn’t feel healthy, warm or caring anymore. Visits last fifteen minutes at most and doctors have too much on their plates to take the time to get to know you as a person. With increasing patient loads, more demands with electronic charting as well as keeping up with all the latest pharmaceuticals (let alone their warnings, cautions, and contraindications) how can we expect to have a relationship with our clinician? This leads to you, the patient, not going in to see them unless you are in dire straits. You may feel a bit worn out, or have headaches now and then, but that doesn’t warrant a trip to your doctor, does it? You may have some pain every morning, or allergies that annoy you most days, but you know if you go in they will just hand you a prescription for something you don’t really want to take.  And when it does get really bad, and you break down and go in, rarely do you feel much better afterwards or experience real cure.

This could all be different.

You could spend time talking to someone who asks real questions about who you are and how you are experiencing your symptoms and what makes your life worse or better. You could be heard, and then you could be given a natural substance specifically FOR YOU that will stimulate your body to heal itself.

You could feel better than you have felt in years, if you just start with Homeopathy First.

Homeopathy has been around since the mid eighteen hundreds. It is a powerful system of medicine that unfortunately left main stream American healthcare to be replaced by the powerful industry of pharmaceuticals. Homeopathy uses dilute doses of natural substances to stimulate your body to cure itself. From asthma, allergies, anxiety and depression to chronic migraines and Chrohn’s disease, I have seen homeopathy work wonders on young and old. Even if complete cure is not seen, most clients have far fewer trips to their primary care provider after starting homeopathy. The right homeopathic remedy for you, can decrease the need for antibiotics that wreak havoc on the good bugs in our bodies, as well as decrease the need for over the counter meds that could cause problems with your kidneys or liver with long term use.

One of the best things about homeopathy is that if it doesn’t work, the risk of side effects and adverse events is dramatically lower than conventional medicine.

It's natural, cost effective, and environmentally wise.  

For less than six quarters a day, you can have your own professional homeopathic care provider and all the remedies you need. You can have face to face consultations and not feel like the provider has her hand on the door handle, waiting to get to the next number in line. You can have a personal relationship with someone who holds YOUR health and well-being as her first priority.

If this sounds like something you have been looking for schedule an appointment now.  Or, if you have more questions, let’s talk about using Homeopathy First for you and your family.

We have to start the healthcare revolution somewhere, why not here and now, with YOU.

Start with nature. Feel Better. Live Better.

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